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Like half way through last year bud knight started appearing in commercials. He became a staplepiece of American culture, and felt like a true member of our family. Then, in coordination with the disastrous final season of game of thrones, in the Super Bowl half time show, bud knight was savagely murdered by Ser Gregor Clefane, aka The Mountain, just as Tom Brady savagely destroyed the rams defense. Fans were devastated.

However, this football season, bud knight has reappeared in an alternate universe with Bud Knight Platinum. This multiverse in the Bud Knight Expanded Universe (BKEU) includes Bud Knight Platinum, who represents The Mountain, and bud knight, who is The Hound.

The declining consumption of beer every year, especially amongst millennials, weighs heavily upon characters in the BKEU. This has lead to infighting, as seen in the Great Corn Syrup War in 2019, which pitted bud knight against some other beer company.

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